Sprinting for the Non-Sprinter

Bike Technique, August 18, 2014

How to improve your sprint this weekend.

You have done your base training, worked on your threshold, developed more power and trimmed a few kilos. So how do you convert all the hard work in to improved results at the end of the race? Position, position, position. This old business adage holds true when you fail to develop a winning break and are left to fight it out elbow to elbow with sometimes with less than competent bike handlers.

Position starts way before the end of the day. First define your sweet spot. Can hold your spot in the last 5 miles and pass several riders in the last 200 meters? Can you pass 10 riders on the final run? Settle into your sweet spot early and avoid using up valuable resources fighting your way to the front in the closing miles. Depending on the race dynamics this might be at 5 or 7 miles to go.  Once you claim your place, fight to keep, loose a spot gain it back. React immediately to open gaps. If you find yourself boxed in and the pace slows find your way to the edge and back to your sweet spot.